Paralia Katerini Greece
Paralia Katerini is located on the coast of the prefecture of Pieria, at the beginning of Thermaikos gulf. It is 7 km away from Katerini and the access of the visitors is very easy from the NationalHighway E75 (exit at the junction of Katerini or Korinos), the coastal provincial road Olympiaki Akti - Korinou and the Railway Station of Katerini. Paralia Katerini is located in the center Prefecture of Pieria and belongs administratively to the Municipality of Katerini. Connected to the Olympic Coast with illuminated promenade with parallel bike path and pedestrian walkway walks and unforgettable mornings.
From Paralia Katerini Greece you can gaze at the imposing Mount Olympus and Pieria, the mountain of Pierides Muses, as well as visit many other nearby areas such as wetlands, archeological sites, traditional mountain settlements, monasteries, churches and castles. For lovers of the mountains, Olympus and the Pieria Mountains offer enchanting routes for mountain biking, horse riding, riverside routes with all-terrain cars and river descents. Katerini Beach also has a port suitable for your small boats. The visitor also has the opportunity to enjoy rich cultural events and night entertainment. In winter, having Paralia Katerini as a base, you can visit Elatochori in the Pieria Mountains and ski at the organized ski center, which has 2300 meters of slopes.
During your stay at Paralia Katerini Greece, you are given the opportunity to participate in a number of activities. In our wonderful beach, next to the mythical mountain Olympus, but also in the wider area, you will find various activities. Here are some examples:
Car / motorcycle / bicycle rental
It is possible, from reliable companies active in the field of car / motorcycle / bicycle rental, to rent a means of transport for your travels. You can, before the start of your vacation, contact us and we will suggest you some of them, so that when you arrive, the means of transport of your choice is waiting for you.
In Paralia Katerini Greece but also in the wider area of Pieria, there are diving offices, which have many years of experience in diving, and can arrange to live this fantastic experience. The seabed of the surrounding area is impressive and we are sure that the images you will see will be imprinted in your memory forever
Sea sports
In the area of Paralia Katerini Greece there are several companies in the field of water sports (water bikes, windsurfing, jet ski etc.). During your stay you can visit some of them and enjoy the water sports that fascinate you
For archery lovers we have the solution! All you have to do is contact an organized business in the area and enjoy this unique experience!
Can't get rid of your favorite paintball habit? Have you never participated in a paintball match and want to try it on your vacation? No problem! There is a possibility to be given this opportunity by declaring participation in a paintball team
Mountain Bike
For those who love mountain action, and we are not talking about any mountain but Olympus, we have the solution. Downhill by Mountain Bike. Express your interest in one of the offices that organize mountain bike activities and your wish will come true
Mountain excursions - Mountaineering
For lovers of mountain activities you can plan mountaineering - excursions to the enchanting Olympus with an experienced and organized team. Do not miss the opportunity to tour the mountain of the gods of the ancient Greeks and admire its wonderful beauty. Words are too poor to describe the alternation of landscapes you will see!
If you like extreme sports then we have the ideal solution for you. You can arrange a paragliding flight from a fantastic peak of Olympus. You will admire the wonderful coastline of Pieria from above, the forest of Olympus and you will feel the adrenaline flooding you as you will fly under the Greek sky. In Pieria there are several professionals from an official center - paragliding school. Everything is done with absolute safety and by certified experienced instructors.
Ancient Dion is located in the shadow of Olympus, next to the homonymous village of the Prefecture of Pieria, just 5 km from the sea. Covering an area of 1,500 acres, the archaeological site of Dion consists of a fortified city, covering an area of 360 acres, surrounded by places of worship that were inhabited without interruption from the classical to the early Christian years. Dion, apart from being a sacred place of worship, developed into a big city, flourished, shone and over the centuries declined and was erased from the map.